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Lower Lights Sangha Monthly Gathering - Provo

Meditation, Melon Bust

We’re in the full swing of summer right now, friends. The days can be blistering, but the nights often blissful.

In celebration of some of the most beautiful summer nights on the planet, we’re going to adjourn a little early for an old fashioned melon bust. What’s a melon bust you ask? It’s simple: you take a melon, bust it open, and stick your muzzle in till it’s dripping wet. Or use a fork and a knife if you’re feeling more civilized!

From 7:30 to 8:30 we’ll meet for an extended meditation in community, followed by some small group work to open the heart and get the juices flowing.

Come for music, meditation, melon and Mystery. Only at Lower Lights.

Location: TBD

$10 contribution, $5 for those in financial need.
You can now register beforehand or you can still pay at the door.