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Thomas McConkie, Founder

Thomas McConkie was raised in the LDS Church and has a passion for the world's wisdom traditions. At 18 years old he discovered Buddhism, which remains a wellspring of inspiration almost 20 years later.

Influenced profoundly in his twenties by world travel and the study of adult development, over time he began to ask the question of what real spiritual health and deep integration will look like in the 21st century.

He is trained as a developmental researcher, facilitator, and mindfulness teacher. He hosts the Lower Light Sangha with the intention of providing a supportive environment where seekers of any kind can discover new depths and heights in their evolving faith journey.


GLORIA PAK, Creative director

As a Los Angeles native, Gloria discovered her love of Utah during her studies at BYU and has been here ever since.

Having met Thomas in 2013 through their mutual interests in Mindfulness and the Mormon tradition, Gloria has been a continual student and budding mentor of contemplative practice and development. She partners with Thomas in holding the vision of a flourishing, growthful community, starting locally here in Salt Lake City.

Trained as an art director, graphic designer, and illustrator, Gloria brings an intention to use art as a way to amplify and foreground the inherent beauty in all of life. 



John Kesler

John Kesler is the founder of The IPP Institute where he shares integral polarity practice, a practice grounded in mindfulness which works with the most fundamental polarities. He is a social activist who leads a non-profit called the Salt Lake/Global Civil Network which does integrally informed social and political transformation work locally and networks globally. John is a practicing commercial transactional attorney.


Terri O'Fallon, PHD

A specialist in transformative learning and change in human systems and in distance learning, Terri has over 25 years of experience working with many different kinds of human systems, including business, community, educational and political. Her specialty is the design and implementation of the core developmental trajectory and span of human systems.


Igor Limansky

Igor has worked for the last 10 years as a community organizer. As a first-generation American and son of an Egyptian mother and a French father, Igor's work has been personally motivated to organize diverse communities and build power for underrepresented peoples. Igor is the Director of Grassroots Communication and Engagement at United Way.