Webinar - Parenting: Mastering the Art of Ongoing Growth

In this call, Thomas speaks with master teachers Dr. Terri O'Fallon and Kim Barta about how a developmental perspective can help Parents and children in their journey of growth and flourishing.

•Explore what is meant by both child development and adult development
•Consider fascinating examples of how child and adult development interact
•Offer simple practices for cultivating greater compassion and understanding toward both parent and child

Love From Beyond: A Eulogy

My friend, Mary Elizabeth Pitt Hess (July 17th, 1980 - November 26th), changed me as much as any friend I’ve ever had. She asked me to offer the eulogy at her funeral before she died, but due to circumstances beyond my control, I wasn’t able to. 

When I told my friend Eric Overton–a gifted artist–how sick I felt that I wasn’t able to honor Mary’s request, he lit up with a vision of making the eulogy into a short film. 

This is for Mary, in honor of her wisdom and power in Life, ever-present in her Death.

Souls of Sangha: Igor & Madison Limansky

Souls of Sangha: Igor & Madison Limansky

Igor Limansky

Igor (3rd Eye) Limansky is part cosmic gypsy, part social conscience for a world that in many ways has forgotten how to connect with itself. If you’ve ever attended a Lower Lights event, you have likely seen him, towering over the crowd and radiating his buddhic grin to the ten directions. Here we take a moment to interview a man whose open heart has been instrumental in the forming of our sangha.

Madison Limansky

Madison took like a fish to water in our sangha years ago. With no formal religious upbringing and yet a deep spring of spirituality that welled up inside her, she came to model the “open-source” approach at Lower Lights: Truth tastes good, whatever we name it. Madi, you’ll also find, has a certain genius for reading the room and knowing just what to offer it in selfless devotion.