Navigating mormon faith crisis

What if we understood faith crisis as part of a natural cycle of spiritual growth, a breaking open to make room for new life and new faith? In the new book Navigating Mormon Faith Crisis, Thomas McConkie draws on the study of adult development to provide a map for people who find themselves in faith crisis, fearing they might have taken a wrong turn in their spiritual progression. This developmental perspective helps readers understand that they haven't necessarily drifted off course; they might have simply run up against the edge of their current map. Understanding how humans-and faith-grow and mature over time can offer tremendous stability and confidence to those who would press forward in the discovery of their own changing identity. This new framework enables the LDS community, and indeed any faith community facing similar struggles, to view faith crisis not as a symptom of apostasy, but of a deeper and fuller redemption. The reader finds that crisis may represent the awakening of a new kind of faith, one beyond mere belief, that may very well represent a new dawn in the unfolding of the world's religious traditions

What People Have Said...

This book on Mormonism is beautifully written, easy to read, and comes from a deeply held love for a community experiencing growing pains. What I rejoice in above all is that it offers a path through and beyond tests of faith for not just Latter-day Saints, but for all religious communities facing similar struggles. May McConkie’s seeds for ongoing dialogue and mutual tolerance fall on fertile ground.
— Dr. Susanne Cook-Greuter | Harvard Graduate School of Education, Ed.D

This book is sure to be a game-changer for all those experiencing a painful faith transition, particularly (but not solely) within the LDS tradition. McConkie charts the upside of moving through various stages of adulthood on our path to spiritual maturity and soundness. This book will be hailed as a ‘godsend’ by many.
— Fiona Givens | Coauthor of The God Who Weeps and The Crucible of Doubt

Thomas McConkie is a significant new pioneer author on the LDS scene. His experience and expertise in developmental psychology allow him to guide us with insight and compassion through our faith troubles and to reassure us that all can be well as we gain deeper understanding of the developmental process. An important book for our time.
— M. Catherine Thomas | Author of The God Seed and A Light In the Wilderness