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1-Day Meditation Retreat

September 15th • 8am-5pm

We maintain that it is not just a luxury to be held in a silent, supportive environment for cultivating wisdom and insight. It is a necessity. Core to Lower Light’s mission is to provide opportunities for silent retreat as an integral component of human happiness.

Join us at the historic Wirthlin cabin Saturday, September 15th in the beautiful mountains of Midway, Utah for a day of meditation and celebration of life.

Practices will include:
-Silent meditation with instruction and guidance
-Nature practice
-Practicing presence: mindful awareness in relationship

$95 (includes simple and delicious vegan/vegetarian breakfast and lunch)

Thomas Wirthlin McConkie is extensively trained in meditative practice and human development. He has studied with the likes of Shinzen Young, Sasaki Roshi and Dr. Terri O’Fallon over the last 20 years. His work is a unique construction that skillfully synthesizes truths from multiple world traditions, including Buddhism, Integral and Mormonism.