One Heart One Mind - Washington D.C.
1:30 PM13:30

One Heart One Mind - Washington D.C.

Introductory Workshop with Thomas McConkie

Mormonism is a tradition replete with big ideas. Matter and Spirit come together to make possible a fullness of joy. Humans are capable of eternal progression and divinization. A Zion community gathers as a mystical body of “one heart and one mind,” to name only a few.

To believe on these possibilities is one thing. But what about a grounded praxis that allows us to more fully enjoy the richness of these possibilities here and now? What practices–ancient and modern–might help us live into these potentials within the messiness of our ordinary lives?

Join us in this exploration in Washington D.C., March 24th, where we will engage in embodied practice involving mindfulness, contemplation, and practices grounded in cutting edge research in the field of human development. Ultimately, we will ask the question, “How do we take these big ideas and make them real in the world?”

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