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Next one starts: Sunday April 30th at 7:30-9pm

The 6-week course is an opportunity to deepen both your conceptual understanding of mindfulness as well as your embodiment and realization of mindfulness in daily life. A unique feature of this course is its emphasis on how to ground your deepest awareness in relationship–the subtle resonance of “We” space that appears wherever two or more are gathered.

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Mindfulness Essentials provides a solid foundation for anyone looking to reap the profound benefits of a mindfulness practice in their daily life. Broken into eight modules with six in-depth guided meditations, this course will lend momentum to your practice whether you are just beginning or have been practicing for many years.  

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Lower Lights is excited to announce its first 7-day silent retreat in Southern Utah, June 19th-25th.

Periodically, extended periods of silent meditation are extremely beneficial for working through challenging content in the body and mind that is difficult to access through daily meditation practice alone. In addition to deep healing, the practice of retreat also facilitates a profound opening of awareness into its naturally expansive and joyful state. Ultimately, the trajectory of mindfulness practice is to help us bring our highest awareness to every moment of life, whether we’re formally meditating or not. Retreat is an indispensable tool in helping us accomplish this.