8-Week Mindfulness Course: Sacred Self, Sacred Other

April 2nd - May 21st, 2018
In this Lower Lights curriculum, we will focus especially on human relationship. How can a mindfulness practice improve the quality of your most important relationships? How can the skill of presence help you navigate conflict and challenging terrain with those you care about the most? How can open awareness unleash new creative possibilities when things start to feel routine, or even stuck?

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April 12-14th, 2018
Lower Lights is excited to offer this unique opportunity to explore the art of parenting in a way you have likely never experienced before. For anyone interested in helping the children in their life (including adult children) become who they are meant to become, you will not want to miss this experience.

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3-day Restorative Meditation Retreat-Sundance

April 27th-29th
Join us in Utah’s beautiful Sundance to make more room in your life for what truly matters most. In an over-stimulating world, silent retreat is one of the most powerful tools we have at our disposal to cultivate insight, compassion, and greater effectiveness in our lives. 

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Mindfulness Essentials provides a solid foundation for anyone looking to reap the profound benefits of a mindfulness practice in their daily life. Broken into eight modules with six in-depth guided meditations, this course will lend momentum to your practice whether you are just beginning or have been practicing for many years.