Find Your Joy: An introduction to Body-Psychotherapy

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Find Your Joy: An introduction to Body-Psychotherapy


Dates: July 15-16th, 2017
Time: Saturday 9-6pm, Sunday 9-4pm
Location: Vitalize Studio, Salt Lake City
Cost: $265

Traditional psychotherapy works toward congruence in a person’s thinking, emotions, actions, and life choices. Body-oriented therapy understands that the body is also profoundly affected by our life experiences.  Identifying and releasing attitudes and old images held in our physical structure adds an important component to therapy. This promotes lasting change, allowing for free flow of life energy from within us so we can more fully realize our life, our joy.

This experiential workshop will give participants the opportunity to experience the basic premises of Body-Psychotherapy that originated with Wilhelm Reich and now integrates Core Energetics and contemporary approaches including somatic approaches, current neurobiology and trauma therapy. The workshop combines lectures with movement and experiential opportunities. I also bring my understanding of many other approaches to employ creativity and spirituality to enhance the journey.

* In addition to a few questions in the registration form at checkout, Aylee may call you for a brief interview before the workshop just to get a sense of the participants before we arrive.

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Aylee Welch, LICSW has 32 years of experience working with individuals and groups and teaching clinical skills for therapists.  She is certified in Core Energetics, a somatic psychotherapy that she practiced for many years before founding Seattle School of Body-Psychotherapy in order to train therapists and give interested people an opportunity for deeper personal transformation.  Licensed in Washington, Oregon and California, she is also a Community Herbalist and Ceremonialist both of which infuse her work and practices.

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