Coming Home: Mindfulness skills to help you heal and thrive after your mission

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MIssionary course-03.jpg

Coming Home: Mindfulness skills to help you heal and thrive after your mission


6-Week Mindfulness Course

Course Description:

An LDS mission is often one of the most rewarding experiences in life for those who serve. It can also be among the most intense, stressful, and overwhelming. After serving the Salt Lake area with high-quality mindfulness instruction for many years, we’ve found that there is a specific need amongst the missionary population to reflect on and process their mission experience, as well as gain life-changing skills that will help them thrive in their life moving forward.

Mindfulness is both an ancient and modern practice. It is an approach that has been proven to increase mental/emotional health, stress resilience, and one’s overall sense of well being. Perhaps most significantly, it is a skill set that is accessible to anybody who is willing to start paying closer attention to what’s really going on. Right. Now.

Lower Lights is proud to offer an immersive, 6-week mindfulness experience for the missionary population–those who have served full-term missions, and those who have come home early for diverse reasons. Our hope is to provide you the support and skills you will need to remain fully committed to the most important mission of all: your life.

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The 6-week curriculum will include instruction on:
-core mindfulness skills
-self-compassion, non-judgment
-entering into “God’s rest”
-cultivating a quiet mind
-Building resilience against depression and anxiety
-emotional intelligence
-The Divine Therapy: unlocking the body and mind’s capacity to heal
-mindful communication and relationship
-creating the life you want to live

The course will consist of
•Six weekly, 90-minute classes with a limited number of participants to ensure high quality instruction and contact with the facilitators
•daily practices/exercises & weekly assignments
•online group for asking questions and discussing ongoing learning throughout the 6-weeks
• weekly assignments

Tuition: $150
Dates: TBD
Location: Salt Lake City (We will send the specific address via email to registrants)
Facilitators: Thomas McConkie & Gloria Pak

Scholarships available for financial need. Email us at for more information.
Seats will be limited to 20 participants