7-day Mindfulness Retreat (Salt Lake City)

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7-day Mindfulness Retreat (Salt Lake City)

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August 23rd - 30th, 2019 • Jane’s Home (Salt Lake City)

Join us this year in Salt Lake City for a deep dive into individual and collective mindfulness practice. This retreat is suitable for both beginners and advanced practitioners.

Call it energetic hygiene, or cleaning out the Augean stables. Call it emptying out all that junk inside your trunk. Whatever we choose to call it, extended periods of meditation practice are extremely beneficial for working through challenging content in the body and mind. Practically speaking, if we don’t give ourselves the time and space to do deep healing in retreat, we end up lugging around our suffering through life like millstones around our necks. Though meditation retreat is challenging, it is one of the most valuable practices we can pursue to experience deeper joy and fulfillment in life. More significantly, as our own suffering diminishes, our capacity to love and serve others increases exponentially.

This retreat includes:
• daily instruction on mindfulness practice
• one on one sessions with the retreat leader
• extended periods of silence
• time in nature
• mindful walking, exercise
• delicious, home-cooked meals by on-site staff (vegetarian and vegan options available)

A unique aspect of Lower Lights’ meditation retreats is the formal instruction on We Space practice. “We Space” is an innovative form of meditation that involves learning to bring your highest awareness into relationship and becoming increasingly sensitive to the collective field that we share as human beings.

In We Space practice, you will learn to:
• Experience meditative awareness not just when you’re practicing mindfulness individually but in the depths and richness of all the relationships in your life.
• Express enhanced creativity as you offer your unique voice and gifts in service of the Whole
• Dissolve the boundaries that leave you feeling lonely and isolated in life. Taste genuine intimacy via Unitive awareness.
• Know yourself at the deepest level, beyond the personality, as a timeless flow of consciousness and Intelligence in communion with all things.

Retreat Schedule (subject to minor changes):
6am-8am: Still sitting (formal meditation), walking meditation
8am-9am: Breakfast
9am-11am: Daily instruction / Still sitting, walking meditation
11-12pm: Mindful work period
12-1pm: Lunch
1-2pm: Personal time
2pm-4pm: Still sitting, walking meditation
4-5:30pm: Exercise  / Time in Nature / Personal time
5:30-7pm: Dinner
7pm-9pm: Still sitting, walking meditation /  Dharma talk / We-space
9pm: Rest

One of our central aims at Lower Lights School of Wisdom, a nonprofit organization, is to support human flourishing by making the contemplative lifestyle more attainable to more people. We offer high quality retreats at below market rates thanks in large part to the generosity of our donors.

We are offering commuter spots for this retreat as low as $795, which includes all meals, 3 meals a day, and retreat costs. For those who would like to stay at the retreat center during this intensive, rooms start at $1095 for shared accommodations.

Available options:
Commuter (No Lodging) - (12 spots) $795
Bring your own bedding - (2 spots) $995
Single Twin bed -Shared room (3 spots) $1,095
Single Full bed -Private room (1 spot) $1,295
Single King bed - Shared room (1 spot) $1,250
Queen for couple - Private room (1 spot) $2,190

Space is limited for this retreat. Please confirm your spot as soon as possible.
Questions? email us at info@lowerlightswisdom.org

Retreat Leader: Thomas McConkie
Thomas is an author, public speaker, and mindfulness teacher. He is the founder of Lower Lights School of Wisdom where he teaches developmental psychology and meditative practice, which he has studied for more than 20 years. Notable teachers he has studied under include Shinzen Young, Joshu Sasaki Roshi, Dr. Terri O’Fallon and John Kesler, Founder of Integral Polarity Practice. He is the creator of the podcast, Mindfulness+ and has been featured on NPR, Religion News Service, Tricycle Magazine, and the 10% Happier Podcast.

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Cancellation Policy:
No refunds will be available within 30 days of the retreat. With advanced notice, a 90% refund will be provided with the exception of an administrative fee (10% of payment). To cancel, contact info@lowerlightswisdom.org