6-week Mindfulness Course

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6-week Mindfulness Course


The 6-week course is an opportunity to deepen both your conceptual understanding of mindfulness as well as your embodiment and realization of mindfulness in daily life. A unique feature of this course is its emphasis on how to ground your deepest awareness in relationship–the subtle resonance of “We” space that appears wherever two or more are gathered.

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Based on his nearly 20 years of experience, Thomas has developed a 6-week course that explores the essentials of mindfulness practice, drawing from the world’s meditative traditions including Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, and Western developmental psychology.

What is most unique about this course, other than the clarity of the teaching and the skillful synthesis of Eastern and Western approaches, is its consistent focus on mindfulness in relationship. For all the awareness we develop in our personal practice, we don’t begin to reap the full benefits of practice until we can bring our highest awareness to the very rich world of human relationship.

Some of the key themes we will explore in this class include:
• The all-important role of the physical body
• 3 Key Skills to Develop Mindful Awareness
• Concentration Practice: Bearing Down
• Receptive Practice: Falling Into Grace
• Name it to Tame it: The Art of Noting
• Mindful Relationship: Deepening Presence and Intimacy with the Sacred Other

You will leave the class with:
• Significant experience with different states of mindful awareness that help you unlock your unbounded potential for growth and happiness
• A solid understanding, both theoretical and experiential, of the key skills of mindfulness practice
• Greater sensitivity and insight into the subtle dynamics that influence human relationship

Sunday evenings, 7:30pm-9pm. April 30th – June 11th

NOTE: There is a bye week on May 14th